My journal experiment.

So back in the last 2 months I started keeping a journal of my daily activities and tasks.

I totally became obsessed with it.

The time spent in maintaining this small journal was wall worth it every day.

I tracked the following things along with time of activity:

  1. Sleep ( took note of timing and quality of sleep )
  2. Brush , Bath and Washroom ( took timings )
  3. Water ( took the water amount )
  4. Food Habits ( timings and diet )
  5. Coffee / Green Tea / Modafinil Intake ( timings )
  6. Bad Habits : ( Porn , Masturbation , Drinking , Smoking )
  7. Books read ( I actually targeted to complete one chapter a day )
  8. Exercise ( Gym timing , Workout log )
  9. Finances ( how much spent and earned )
  10. Morning Pages ( online . mentioned in the book The Artists Way )
  11. To-do list and a anti-to-do-list
  12. Quality of work done today ( 1–10 )

And here is what I observed.

Firstly Habits do improve and make you stronger and more refreshed to take on the day, knowing that you have a solid foundation of the day.

I found out that maintaining a diary, sleep and writing morning pages are my key habits. If they collapse , the rest also collapse.

Maintaining every thing at the same time can be hard and can make working much more difficult. Because all you would want to do is maintain your habits.

Improve one habit at a time. Trying to improve on every habit at once is damn difficult. Start by removing the bad habits and working on max 3 good habits to replace with them. Simply track the rest.

Tracking the habits themselves made them under control. For example , I had no conscious intention of managing finances , but when I started tracking it, I realized that my spending had automatically decreased/

You can better manage those things that you track properly.

Maintain a to-do list. Better yet you can even put appointments in the diary as reminders.

It is better if the diary is physical, big and hardbound. So that it is easily accessible. Keep your diary a secret. This will enhance your improvement. By keeping the diary a secret, you are more helpful others to others. Otherwise you will be prone to talk about it rather than implement this.

^^ The above happens when you are looking for approval. Not when you are looking for help.

You must also record your moment of the day. Where you learn something. Or the quality of day and work . Otherwise you will become a habit freak which can hurt productivity. Remember work is the first preference ( at-least for me ) anyways.

Record every morning , and before going to bed.

There is no perfect day to start recording. Some days you may feel like skipping but you can always come back by remembering that there is no perfect day to begin this habit.

Some people are in the notion that diary writing is boring. I am against this , the more boring thing to do is to not notice what our actual routine is. One can only improve his day and bring in more interesting activities such as going on a trip , or climbing mountains or meeting beautiful people if he understands that his life is indeed ( verifiable by diary ) becoming boring. Acceptance and awareness precedes before any meaningful action or improvement.

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