Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

There are two premises presented in this article. One of which I agree with and the other I disagree. The premise of showing kindness and regard for those who see things differently (or vote differently) is good and just. The premise that education and elitism are inextricable is false. In seeking to achieve a conciliatory end this article winds up, quite simply, painting one group of people in a positive light by painting another group in a negative one. What’s more, the effort to provide clarity on Trump supporters’ point of view has come at the expense of what are deemed elitist members of the educated class.

Education is a good thing. Plain and simple. In fact, it is perhaps the most important element of a society that progresses. I have learned therefore I teach you so you can build on top of my teachings, pass those lessons on, and on, and on. It is a fundamental of any society. Those who support Trump for the sake of breaking the system are entitled to their frustration, as are we all, but they are not, as members of a society, entitled to break it at the expense of the security of the entire society. Those, or at least the vast majority of those, who refuse to vote for a fire-starter such as Trump, suggest that education ought to be considered necessary for all of us so that we can work together to solve problems. Being educated does not mean that you are obliged to work on Wall Street. Rather, it means that one is better equipped with perspective and knowledge to, at the very least, not repeat past mistakes.

To vilify education in order to show regard for those who do not have it or do misunderstand its importance is to suggest that we violate a most basic tenet of social behavior: that which guides the young away from the mistakes of the old from generation to generation.

The aim of the article is kindness. That should be applauded. The application of that aim is down-right dangerous, and the framing of the argument is false.

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