My Phone History

This is an article about the phones I have had. I do not own any of these pictures.*

My first phone was Droid Bionic. I loved it, my first smart phone but it didn’t last long.

Droid Bionic

My second phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, great phone. Large screen, but once I lost the stylus the whole “Note” concept was gone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

My next phone was a iPhone 5. The great thing about my 5 was I had a Mophie case with it. Battery life all day was so cool, but the 5 didn’t last long for me.

iPhone 5 with Mophie case

My next phone was needed because I destroyed my 5. It was an iPhone 5c. Literally and iPhone 5 in a plastic body. I liked the white back, but other than that it was okay.

iPhone 5c

I finally used my upgrade last week, (some people finally convinced me) to a iPhone SE. WOW… (mind blown)… this phone is amazing. I like the smaller phone, but hey that’s just me.

iPhone SE

These are the phones I have used, what's yours?

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