8 mistakes of time management that are destroying your productivity

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Not everyone of us is good at planning our day. Some of us tend to fill our free time with every task possible to feel this feeling of busyness that may satisfy us for some time. But, as a result of that, we tend to have so many expectations about ourselves and if we do not complete the tasks that we wrote down in our to-do list, we become disappointed in ourselves. Why should we be always busy or why should we fill the blanks of our day with something that is not necessary to do, but for some sort of reasons we believe that this is how life is today. Nevertheless, there are few mistakes that we all do when it comes to the scheduling of our day. Here is the list of 8 things that we should stop doing and believing in such ridiculous assumptions.

1. First things first, the important tasks should be done as early as possible.

This is one of the mistakes that we tend to repeat continuously. Imagine the situation when you waking up and just like that you feel weak. Your body is sore and for you right now, to work on huge quests of the day will be not as important as just simply to start feeling alive — again. We caught up into this idea that no matter how we feel — we should concur the world. But the truth is, without powers — you are helpless. And if you keep pushing yourself for doing more, when your physical condition isn’t that good, eventually it is going to backfire you. It’s better to plan your day according to how you feel. For example, there is no need to stress yourself for feeling sick. Instead, just plan to do all the things that you schedule in the second half of the day. Because 1+1=2 and if you replace values, the end number will not change.

2. To multitask

We all know that our brain is not capable of doing multiple things at the same time — meaning that our mind can concentrate only on one thing at the time. If you have difficulties with concentration, try the practices of mindfulness which are training you to concentrate on the present moment and be more in alliance with how you feel and how you think. Another way to train yourself to keep the concentration is to make sure that nothing is destructing you while you are working on a single task. Since I started to work in the office I found it annoying when people tend to give me the tasks while I’m preoccupied with something else. Eventually, it did jeopardize my concertation, which I am still trying to recover. Do not multitask, because it’s going to make you feel so confused about everything.

3. Trying to accomplish more

The whole idea of time management is not to strive to do more in a short period of time. What is important is to devote a certain number of hours to something that is going to bring your closer to your life goal. If you simply list 100500 tasks for the day — it does not make any sense if those tasks are simply trashy. Plus, when you are trying to do as much as you can, eventually it affects you in a negative way — for example, you can simply lose the motivation of doing anything. We do not need that.

3. Constant Delay Mode

You are in control of your life. Stop telling that you do not have time to meet new people, to work on your CV or simply think about your career or future in general. Think, what is stopping you from doing those things. And then spend at least 15 mins daily on tasks that are critical for you and your personal development.

4. Strictly following the order

Sometimes, the same rule will not be useful for each and every one. Therefore, there is no need to force yourself to be someone who you are not. For example, why do you think that a strict schedule is going to benefit you? Just because some CEO use it — does not mean that is it going to work in a similar way for you. In this case, try to experiment with different ways of structuring your day. Maybe you prefer to work only during the first time of the day?

5. Forming very detailed to do list

In such lists, you are going to find small talks, super small tasks, and huge ones and anything that you can simply write down. It is essential to list the tasks that are meaningful for your development and life in general. Do so, and please stop writing that you have to pick the laundry as it is obvious that you are going to remember it.

6. Planning your day by seconds

This is damn impossible. If you are working with people on some project, it’s hard to plan your day hour by hour since there are many things that can happen with other members of the team, which is going to change your schedule slightly. Just, list what you have to do without assigning the timestamp.

7. No breaks rule

Why most of the people assume that working without breaks is a good idea? Who told you that! Not only without breaks you do a shitty job, but also you will be experiencing troubles in concentrating at one single task. The experts suggest taking breaks every 1,5 hours — 15/20 mins long. Leave your workplace, have a walk, get a coffee. This pause is going to restore the powers and help your brain to recover as well.

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