What is LOVE? (Baby don’t hurt me no more)

If you’re like me and are want to dip your toe of reason into the swirling, crystal tie-dye pool of unsubstantiated cosmic pseudo-spirituality then you may have heard a lot of smug, self satisfied know-it-alls, perhaps at a yoga class, perhaps sitting round a fire while travelling on your gap year, explaining (or rather not explaining) that LOVE is the driving force of the Universe. Accompanying this statement with a twinkly eyed nod, presumably supposed to convey their ageless wisdom, but actually only serving to make you want to slap them round the face with a wet fish.

The problem is other people’s spiritual revelations are a lot like their dreams, profoundly boring. In short it takes a pretty elevated master to be able to wax lyrical on matters of the soul and not sound like a smug twat.

But it stuck firm in my mind, this idea, it annoyed me and made me angry. As ever I figured because maybe, just maybe I wanted it to be true… Wouldn't that be great though, I’d say to myself under the covers after lights out, when I no longer have to keep up my sneering, rebellious-school-boy posture, wouldn't it be great if LOVE was… Shhh don’t say it… god?

But what the bloody hell is that supposed to mean anyway?

Not having received anything in the way of a satisfactory answer I decided to investigate myself and, Yeah, get it? investigate… My… Self… (slap — Wet fish to the face). As ever armed with the sword of cynicism and shield of scepticism — in a defensive posture of course, I invite you to join me and investigate this business of LOVE.

First what are we talking about when we say LOVE.

“Is that the kind of love between a man and a woman or between a man and a fine Cuban cigar?” 
Dr Hibert.

The Greeks and the Turks (why can’t we all just get along) have at least 4 words for love, covering fraternal love, family love, erotic love — Yer man Eros there. But are any of these the vast all encompassing, increasingly popular, cosmic LOVE we have today?

Can we define it, what we mean by LOVE? right here and now. No full lotus, no ‘always pass it to the left?’ Straight up. Or as straight up as a discourse on the cosmic nature of LOVE can be

Take the mighty oak, grown from the tiny acorn. What energy pushes that tree forward in time and upward in space, Look at it, bursting with life and energy, constantly growing evolving up and out, being the best darn tree it can be.

Can we call this LOVE? This pure life force? We can be pretty sure the tree doesn't give it an emotional inflection. Just as the tiger killing the antelope (do tigers kill antelopes?) isn't evil, rather this is the same expression of growth, life force, LOVE? that the tree displays. Although an oak’s ravenous consumption of C02 and H20 are a lot less shocking to our soft, pink, mammalian sensibilities.

So can we agree there is a force, powering everything, driving evolution forward (towards what?) and that we’re at the crest of this local wave and that this force, this expansion, perceived as progression by our three dimensional reality constructs (whoa there, I haven’t even had my first cup of tea yet!), is what’s driving the universe ‘forward’.

Can we call this LOVE? 
Why not? Got to call it something right? And the old ‘g word’ is a bit worn and carrying abit too much baggage.

From the big bang to the tiny acorn, there is a force, a momentum that makes stuff go. And it will go and go, until entropy sets in (Speak to Brian Cox) And we as emotional beings inflect this momentum with a positive spin, we call it LOVE and make it distinct from hate or destruction. But we need to widen our perspective and ask, isn't it more that everything that serves to move us forward (toward what? Still no answer, perhaps it’s the journey rather than the destination that matters then) must be an act of LOVE.

Then from the tiger and the antelope to the H Bomb… It’s all LOVE baby.

So stop your worrying, just smile and be the best darn tree you can be.


The Pure Gent

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