Tips for staying happy and healthy during the crisis

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The longest-running story on adult development — The Harvard Study of Adult development — concluded that, of all things, good relationships and social interactions have the greatest impact on our health and happiness. But how do we stay happy and healthy in the isolation of our homes when social interactions are scarce? Here are a few tips to help you deal with the effects of the quarantine.

Understanding loneliness

Before we start we need to make one thing clear here: There’s are two kinds of loneliness: subjective and objective.

While objective loneliness means what most would expect it to mean — namely…

With the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars and the government sending out free money to citizens, fears of a possible hyperinflation rise in the U.S.

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In the past weeks, the Federal Reserve has injected trillions of dollars into the market and lowered the interest rates to almost zero. With the government also stating that it will begin to send out free money to its citizens, we need to ask ourselves the question if hyperinflation — as seen in countries like Germany after WWI or in Venezuela in recent years — is starting to become a possibility in the United States as well.

What is hyperinflation?

While inflation is the normal decrease in buying power that fiat currencies experience — and need to experience for the sake of the…

Let’s forget about all the wild predictions and look at real economic factors on a global level that will affect the price of Bitcoin in the coming months and years

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Bitcoin recently had a wild correction of -50%. While chances are high that the bottom is not yet in, let’s have a proper look at what our current economic situation means for the cryptocurrency in the medium- to long-term.

The role of the central banks

Central banks are playing an extremely important role in our current crisis. While the economy is pretty much standing still in many sectors, this puts pressure on the governments.

First and foremost many sectors — like aviation or tourism — take an immense beating by the fact that nobody can travel right now. Their income is currently almost nullified.

If governments…

And why it possibly still is the safe-haven asset it was meant to be

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#Bitcoin crashed by about 50% yesterday. While many say that this proved that it is not the safe-haven asset it was meant to be, the cryptocurrency’s crash might actually not have been caused by the current crisis that the stock-market is experiencing.

A Whale’s Awakening

“I mined some bitcoin for a little bit, a long time ago; back when it was still possible to mine with GPU.
I haven’t been active here for a long time.

How do I move my BTC to sell?”

This was posted on the forum of …

The elder generations’ biggest fears have become the dreams of the young

Picture of a man standing on the roof of his sprinter van overlooking a canyon
Picture of a man standing on the roof of his sprinter van overlooking a canyon
Photo by Drew Bernard on Unsplash

Vanlife is becoming more and more popular, especially with young people, who are drawn towards giving up their four walls in exchange for four wheels. While homelessness once was the biggest fear of older generations, it’s starting to become a dream of the generations of now.

Saying “If you don’t work harder you’ll be sleeping in a car under the bridge” used to be a way of parents to scare their children into studying more.

Nowadays many would simply ask: “Which bridge?”


Vanlife is freedom. You are bound to nowhere, can go wherever you want, do whatever you choose and…

Besides publishing a lot, I made sure I was passionate about my topics

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$1,234.46 at the time of this writing, to be precise. How did I do it? Get ready for the special top-secret secret to success on Medium:

I wrote.

The harsh truth

Do you know what the problem is with you reading this article? You’re not actually writing. And you are looking for a secret trick that does it for you. But there isn’t one.

I actually thought I wouldn’t make a single dollar in the first months of writing, and I was incredibly surprised to see that I could be this wrong. I guess I just got lucky and I’m incredibly grateful that…

The Coin Chronicles

Why it’s important to set goals and how to do it

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Photo by Shapelined on UnsplashThis site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. However, I only post links to books I have purchased with my own money and read myself.

When planning our financial independence it helps to have a goal in mind. A clearer vision of where we want to go in the future will make it easier for us to get there.

Think of it like this: If you have a road that is well lit up, isn’t it easier to find your way than if you were to walk through the forest in the dark?

If the destination is financial independence, goals are the street lamps that light our way.

The self-fulfilling prophecy

If you expect the battle to be insurmountable,
you’ve met the enemy.
It’s you.” …

How about you try it this way this year

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Valentine’s day is coming up again. One part of the population goes “Yaaay” and the other just hopes for it to blow over quickly. It’s the same thing every year. People are rushing to the stores to buy an uninspired present last minute.

If that sounds like you and you are struggling to come up with something to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, let me suggest something for the coming week:

How about this year, you just buy nothing.

Buying stuff on Valentine’s Day means that you don’t care about your partner

I can hear thousands of people around the world cry out in disgust. “He’s probably single and has nobody to…

Why it’s worth it to turn your life around while others already have it all figured out

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At a certain time in your life — usually, that’s around the end of your 20s — it starts to feel like all of your friends are getting married and start multiplying.

That is… if they are not like me, quitting their 6-figures jobs and starting a completely new life.

This article is about change, new perspectives and living your dream. And some advice for you folks who are feeling bad for not “having life figured out yet”. Whatever the hell that means anyway.

Here’s to the dreamers, and the brave.

I used to be an anesthetist not long ago…

Here’s why you might want to do the same

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Photo by Nijwam Swargiary on Unsplash

About 1.5 years ago I stopped reading the news completely. Let me tell you what you can expect to happen when you try the same and why the Coronavirus outbreak is another perfect example of why you should.

The focusing illusion

Who would you rather say is more likely to succeed:

  • A trader who watches every slight movement of his stocks, constantly reacting on his emotion and the tips of other traders or
  • An investor who thoroughly researches a certain stock until he knows all there is to it before he buys or sells something?

Of course, anybody who knows anything about money…

Dr. Arthur Kroisel

I used to be an anesthetist. Now I'm happy instead. Constantly pursuing the improvement of my life and the lives of the ones around me.

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