Management at The New School

Organizations — businesses, public institutions, nonprofits, start-ups — are rapidly evolving. Students entering this new management economy must be equipped with knowledge and experience that reflect the intersecting and emerging areas of design, entrepreneurship, media, and management. Their curricula must be built through collaboration with communities, sustainable practices, and a rich global awareness.

Join us in reimagining the future of management.

Join Our Inspired Faculty

At The New School, we seek candidates interested in joining a unique set of imaginative transdisciplinary faculty who are developing world-class approaches to management that embrace design, social research, and the arts. Candidates’ pedagogical practices must reflect not “design-infused thinking” but rather the idea that design is thinking, and thinking is holistic. They must empower management students to move fluidly between classrooms and communities, making centers and meeting rooms, think tanks and shark tanks.

Here we teach the future of management — in context. Our progressive programs are situated in Parsons School of Design; theSchool of Media Studies; the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy; the College of Performing Arts; and the Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students. Our design-focused management education promotes the emergence of more just, sustainable, and equitable systems while catalyzing new problem-solving for thriving organizations and societies.

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Organizational Management and Leadership

Strategic Design and Management

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