3 favs: Music apps for kids

Making music on the tablet is fun. Pro tools though are often overwhelming with super nifty stuff, so when I want to create some quick and simple tunes for my tagtool, I turn to music apps for kids. Here’s my 3 favs.

fav #3: bubldraw

bubldraw is weird mix of painting app and music instrument. You can draw lines and shapes, move them around (nice physics!) even if you want. Then, if you tap the elements you created, beats and sounds start to play.

bubldraw in the app-store.

fav #2: touchpianist

Not really meant to be a kids tool I guess, this app let’s you play through classic piano tunes easily. All you have to do is focus on speed and the strength you wanna put on your virtual piano keys. Try it here.

touchpianist in the app-store.

fav #1: loopimal

Fresh from the code press, this app combines lovely animations with a very simple loop sequencer. Very well crafted and with simple and beautiful sounds and animation, this app keeps you grinning for hours.

loopimal in the app-store.