As far as financial markets are concerned, November has been quite an interesting month. On the 10th of November, Rivian Automotive, an electric sport utility vehicle manufacturer, debuted on the Nasdaq at $78 to resounding success. By the close of the trading day, it had gained almost 30%. On Wednesday, the 17th of November, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high, going above $68,000 for the first time. Those are just two of the many notable events of November.

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The Cryptocurrency Market

Events in the cryptocurrency market in the month of November range from regulatory concerns around Bitcoin BTC (and, by extension, other cryptocurrencies) to the increasing popularity of meme coins such as Dogecoin DOGE and Shiba Inu SHIB. Congress members have been divided about the possible effects on the Dollar. While…


The best way to generate wealth is to invest. Investing your money, no matter how little, allows you to put your money into vehicles that have the potential to earn a strong rate of returns. Be it in stock, real estate, or bonds, you can almost be sure of economic security. Yet, it is also good you know that investments are risky too, life is full of uncertainties after all. However, if you invest wisely , the potential to gain money is much higher than if you chose to never invest. Investing also allows you to reach your financial goal, and to grow your money and make it work for you. This is why I invest.

As a risk professional, I am too familiar with the word ‘risk management’. There are many ways to manage the risk that comes with investing. One way of limiting the risk nature of investments is investing across multiple different asset classes with little to no correlation. …

We’re not always as rational as we believe. Over the years, researchers have sought to study the relationship between human emotion and financial decisions. Traditional economics assumes that people are rational when making financial decisions. However, not everyone behaves this way. As humans, we tend to overreact or underreact to negative news.

Novice Investor

In the stock market, terms like bull and bear markets highlight the effect of investors’ feelings on sales and market news. So, as an investor, it’s important to learn how to remove sentiments from your portfolio. You just need to learn how to make logical decisions and calculated risks to…

The rule of thumb when it comes to investing is to diversify. However, what does this mean?

Every investor’s principal goal is to reduce all possible investment risks while simultaneously increasing investment opportunities. When I started my investment journey, my primary goal was to find an investment strategy that achieved my objectives while keeping my exposure to any single asset to a minimum. …

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