The Election: Insight into the downsides of our society and the REAL Problem

Trump is a racist pompous asshole. Hillary is a lying scumbag… We’ve all heard it over, and over, and over again. This article is offering up a slightly different alternative… One that should pique everyone’s interest or at least raise a little concern.

After all of the riff-raff and drama, has the thought “Why do we even have to choose between these clowns?” crossed your mind? It certainly has crossed mine… And it points to a much greater problem that is surfacing in this country. The funny this is, clearly, the vast majority of people get all caught up in what bad or good each of these two candidates has done this week or in their campaign as a whole, however, nobody seems to step back and look at the big picture.

No matter whose side you’re on, chances are, you do realize that at least one of the two major candidates, if not both, are nearly insane. Yet, we, the people of this country, supposedly “the best, most powerful country in the world,” have the candidates boiled down to these two people… Unlike most, I am not going to say in this article that Trump is an asshole or that Hillary is a liar: my personal beliefs on those things are not relevant. What is relevant is that we as a society have brought the position of our country’s leader down to these two classes of people in the first place.

The United States has come up with some fantastic inventions, is home to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and a whole host of other amazing and talented people… Not everyone is a Bill Gates, but generally, we don’t fair too bad when it comes to intellectuals… Yet we return to our primitive selves and boil this election down to two people who clearly aren’t the brightest or most respectful on the block.

But the real issue is, why? The reason is, that’s what we value… Ultimately, the people in this country don’t really value the intellectual, respectful, and talented… If Trump is such a dick, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves, “Why is he so rich and powerful in the first place?” That’s the greater concern. If this country’s capitalist system didn’t put him in that kind of position because of its inherent value on near-psychotic narcissistic drive and “getting what you want,” then this election wouldn’t even be a thing: instead of having Trump vs. Clinton, we may have two candidates who are known for their compassion, giving, and love. This country values and caters to those who are slightly overconfident. Unfortunately, that often translates into us valuing and catering to obnoxious, ill-mannered people “just because they have money they must have done something right.”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across some CEO or businessman who is overzealous to the point of being at least a slight asshole, if not more, in the pursuit of the American Dollar… I mean, what are half of the rappers rapping about? What about Dan Bilzerian? Why does everyone care so much about the Kardashians? UFC Fighters? Because Americans crave this crap… Ultimately, we want drama, we want a “who’s going to kick his/her opponents ass” type of a situation… That is what Americans value.

NFL, NBA, UFC, Poker, Arm Wrestling… Hell,we even turn religion into a “I’m right, you’re wrong.” The point is, inherently, Americans will turn everything into a competition and a dramafest… The election is no exception… The only thing is, like a drunken night of scandelousness, we have to live with the effects of our carelessness for 4–8 years afterwards… And we do… Every election. And sadly, this can cost thousands (if not more) of people their lives.

I laugh every time I hear “fans” or “supporters” of either major party criticizing the other yet again… What a surprise… From a third party perspective, we almost act like animals: extremely predictable and contriving every piece of info to support our obvious biases. Every day, I hear Trump support spin so much in favor of him and against Hillary… Every day, I hear Hillary fans lie and cover up her fallacies and spin Trump into the ground… We’re all the same, we’re all subscribing to these BS… No matter who is elected, it’s not Hillary or Trump who loses, it’s us. Before I leave you, think about what I said earlier one more time: Why are these people even in the position in the first place? Before you start jumping on the bandwagon of bashing the candidates, think about that.

Think about how easy it is to say “Trump sucks” “Hillary is a scumbag” in comparison with actually doing something in our every day lives to make this society just slightly a better place… To spread the love and positivity rather than contribute to the bashing and negativity, which is ultimately why we have to pick from these two in the first place. It’s like we want to be dropping money on WWE, watching people beat the living hell out of each other, getting into fights over NFL games and drunken rages every friday and saturday night at the nearest nightclub, then everyone whines when our presidential election isn’t between Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Every day I see tons and tons of Facebook and Twitter posts, ragging over and over on the candidates… Yet, we as a nation, us have put these people here, apparently not wanting to take any responsibility for that.

“WHAT???? I DIDN’T PUT HIM/HER THERE!!!!! The other people did!!!” — The longer we each get defensive and allow ourselves and ultimately our society to be driven by ego, the longer these types of elections and presidencies will continue to go on, and on, and on.

Not every election may be this intense, we seem to be at an all-new high of intensity and drama, almost like the WWE… Seriously. But again, the WWE makes money in this country… Think about that… How can we change this? How can you change this? Food for thought. I’m not saying this is a bad country, and I am a full-blown 100% American whose family in fact is biased just like so many others… However, the difference is, I’ve recognized some of the downsides to how we do things and can see a vicious cycle in it… Something we should all be aware of.