Come Again? Orgasm privilege, casual sex, and female pleasure
Lauren Ingram

Well, I must not be a “most people” because when I read “orgasm privelege,” instead of picturing a guy orgasming, I actuallyhad no idea what you were talking about.

Also, and I’m just speaking from pure innocence here, I can’t say (and its not my business) what “most guys” do (although I question your use of the word most as I mentioned above), but I can say that what you described as the “average guy” here does not represent me in any way. I have always enjoyed pleasuring my girls in the bedroom and am in fact very aquainted with the female parts. So much so that the girls I’ve had the pleasure of “taking care of” have told me that every experience has been amazing… It’s not rocket science and it’s not particularly labor intensive, for me at least. I can also say that the guys I’ve chosen to associate with who have discussed sexual matters with me share the same philosophy as I do.

Again, maybe I’m an anomaly, though, but I can only control what I do as an individual and I do agree that those who in fact do believe that the male orgasm is more important than the female are wrong and really that makes no sense: as with anything in any relationship, the relationship goes both ways, 50/50. Although, aiming to be the best I can, especially in the bedroom, I typically shoot for 80/20 me:her just in case… Seems to work well. She’s happy and so am I. All I ask is that despite your claim of being a “feminist,” that I hope you realize that there are in fact guys out there who aren’t pigs and who are respectful of women. Whether we are the majority, probably not… No respectful people seem ever to be in the majority.

But don’t let that eclipse the guys who do the right thing. Thanks.

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