NeverCrew Piece at the entrance of the ICD TKD

Great Work In Progress : : St+Art

Suggested is one of the biggest breakthrough in understanding art in the contemporary times in India is St+Art Foundation.

From the overalls of what looks like street art is just a lot of acceptance and understanding for art in everyday spaces. As we got off at the Govindpuri Metro and were not very sure exactly to go at the not known ICD TKD, the auto rickshaw guy delightedly offered if we wanted to go to the container “art”.

We could not say anything but an excited yes! And know that the purpose with which the show exists will come true.

As you enter the exhibit, what looks like a dream of a skater and punk teens is a vibrant space of a lot of excited of all ages marvelling at the life sized port containers into canvases from artists across India and the world. From the craziest dub steps to the excited volunteers who wish to tell you all that you need to know about the artists and the work in progess for public art at far end of city — Okhla.

Uberjogi piece from Harsh Raman

More than anything else, what really makes this Street Art show special is to bring the art to the people who do not generally have privilege of art. This is a bridge between making art less whimsical and more an interactive space for people from all ages and different walks of life. Delving into spaces where people know of arts and styles of the artist upclose and intimate.

As an artists and having immense amount of passion for art, The Street Art India project is one of the most exciting and inspiring things to make India’s art spaces happening.

Going back a little about the idea of this platform as to how I define my idea of art appreciation has always been accessibilty. As I was thinking of my platform and idea, thinking of the name was not at all difficult as I was always sure I wanted to create platform people to come and experience Art, hence The Open Art Project — making art open for all. St+Art India literally have taken the India art industry by storm, where they took the art out of fancy galleries and gave it to people, right where the inspiration comes from.

There is a heartfelt sense of gratitude for making this huge difference to younger artist the courage to make Indian art space what it needs to be diverse and accessible.

Street Art India is a solution to a lot of questions about art. It opens the ideas for discussion making it more viable and understandable. Art not necessarily needs to be intense and with a lot of literate meaning, it does not always need to lend a prespective to its audience, Art can sometimes just be aesthetics defining emotions and simpler ideas. One does not always need to take art seriously, sometimes art can also be something that is a musing and delight.

There is always little respite in ordinary. Excitement and wonder are something all artists seek for. WIP is one of the biggest wonders for the new generation of artists for India to give art the respect it needs.

Borondo from spain on right, and on the left another piece rom Harsh Raman
Painters Shabbu’s Banana creative, one of the artists from the HandPainted Type Foundation
Another piece from Hanif Kureshi from the HandPainted Type Foundation