#WWIM13 #LifeOnEarth

TheOpenArtProject x Fio Country Bar and Kitchen

“He looks like he was missing it too much.” As a kid it was always very one of my folk’s favourite hobby and secretively a very proud moment to talk how artistically inclined their son was. My mother would tell people how she read about artists’ hands and how my hands were the perfect fit for the description.

Later my dad would buy a lot of pencil shading books and end up sketching one or two by himself. How all my birthday presents were majorly art supplies.

But with time, I kept doing it lesser than often and eventually changed the course of life towards mainstream academics. What serves as a disconnect to your inner-self when it comes to your passion is not in discussion but how we can reconnect and bring in positivity. TheOpenArtProject was to facilitate the catalysis these transformative stories. We hope these beginnings have greater impact on a lot of people and they do realise it is passion that never fails.

WWIM13 according to us one great opportunity to bring people together over our common passion — art. More than anything we wanted to start a dialogue where we wanted to bring the idea of art production as a form of social communion.

Here is a visual jounrey as how the evening went, with some great people dedicated to their passions, each day.