Behind the brand and man — Ali Delaram

Sia Yaghobi
2 min readOct 9, 2018

You know those “untold stories” begins the people who have amassed massive results of built great things that matter?

I recently had Ali Delaram apart of my new series here with thrive

His story stems from 14 years old with a father who was a cab driver and he himself grew up not speaking english well at all.


We all know some of the most influential people came from massive scars and triumphed from or out of adversity. Ali was an Iranian and was harassed bullied and beat up daily during his first year at America then moved to austin, TX.

Living in a white neighborhood his parents brought him over to the states during a tough bombing and turmoil in Iran expecting a great future for their son. He learned and he began curating his own methods as he grew up with a first job picking up cars from an airport for 10 hours making $20/day he graduated with a job as an engineer making hearing aids then around entreprneurs selling satellites for twelve years!


Created a company in four cities and took over the state with a sudden shift into the cell phone store industry and built up to 29 stores before moving to california and entering back into the wireless business before another shift into the entertainment industry.

Ali has taken big risks and shifts and working now to spread and educate others on how they too could model after him — as a coach and agency owner it is my privilege to highlight such a entrepreneur, investor, soon to be politicization and even share the stage with him!

Wondering where he is at now?

As of recent Ali resides in Mission Viejo, CA again announcing and entering into a new space after yet another exit in business and building a community digitally with a new information product combining everything he learned from solitude in the mountains and working with sensational teachers and gurus that passed down privileged methods tactics and information to him.

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