During the span of this last week we bid farewell to one of the greatest athletes, let alone competitive leaders of our time. No this piece is not solely dedicated to honoring and saying goodbye to Kobe from his legendary 20 year career with the NBA….yet written with & for deeper purpose/s.

Those we love and chose to honor- more than just a a farewell piece the inspiration that was originally a devotional piece compelled and led me to more herein.

Maybe even a ‘wake up call’ for some it finds & yet more of a devotion to the loved ones that we have had to bid farewells to from the physical. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, lots of emotions mixed together almost in simultaneous combinations…can be overwhelming. Lots of questions can also begin to stir up with followers and communities in their entirety. Whats next?

Let this be an ode to those servant leaders & educators that impacts we continuously carry & draw strength from.

I wanted to honor a major switch of gears to a local leader of education and empowerment, from @ #ChapmanUniversity #SouthernCalifornia #OrangeCounty whom which we also bid farewell to and celebrated together yesterday. Mourning and celebrating such a prolific figure alongside his family, friends & colleauges was a great privilege and honor.

I’m still not too sure if its bizarre or beautiful how such a turn of events can bring us closer and together as we reminisce upon the impacts left by another leader’s mission and purpose. In as much as it is indeed very sad and devastating to say goodbye, I am very sure of this…for me especially…
As others say goodbye and seem to drift away there legacies, achievements and memories live on all around and within us.

1 of the greatest reasons I admired Kobe Bryant from such an early young age, for example, similarly to most were his on and off the court composure, behavior including great appreciation and admiration for education and its’ empowering effects. Culturally, education has and always will be one of my nationalities’ greatest values. These parallels Kobe drew from the game and articulated very well, especially with such a background in academia as well as speaking four languages, were beautiful.

Dr. Esmael Abidi, herein, a Father, mentor, prolific professor, economist and friend left us with so much, so many memoried, experiences and lessons to look upon, celebrate and admire.

Most who were privileged to meet, see him speak or come into contact and know Dr. Esmael Abidi agree & do not think our precious university and community will be the same. I guess a great way to describe some of those feelings mentioned at this stage of grief is melancholy, well for me that is.

Who are some of the greatest figures or people that have inspired and impacted your life? This is one of my favorite questions which I have personally reflected a lot on and love to ask.

To the lights & servant leaders, fellow community creators, I thank you.

I am committed to celebrating you through my life/work & you know who you are.

This is a choice and great decision to make; the question always, before commiting together that is, comes back to what it means to be Adventurous…are you willing?

— Lets keep Living to Lead and Leading to Live —