On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Terrific piece, Robin. Like you, I’d also vote for Sanders in a New Yawk minute over any Republican, but like you, I also fear that Sanders is starting to believe his own hype. As for his followers, most of them are idealistic and are backing him for all the right reasons, but half an hour spent on any internet forum on any given day is more than enough to realize that for some of the others, “cult” is a well-chosen word to describe them. The level of Hillary Derangement Syndrome some of them are exhibiting more than matches what I’ve seen from any Republican, and it’s a rather sickening sight to behold. Like their counterparts in the Tea Party (and like certain left wing parties back in the not-so-good old days), they seem more interested in purifying and purging than trying to build coalitions that might actually advance many of their alleged goals. Where were these people in 2010 and 2014, and where will they be in 2018 even if Sanders were to win in November?