What do you really prioritise?

Our priorities are how we spend our time.

There’s often a difference between what we say and what we do about our priorities.

Do you really prioritise what you value?

You value your health, right? But you don’t take the time to exercise every day. Or to get up from your desk and move every 20 or 30 minutes, as health researchers would advise us to do.

What about friendships… those are important. Do you take the time to work on old friendships, to keep them alive?

Hmmmm, okay.

Of course, you don’t “live to work”… you “work to live”, yes? If that’s true, why do you prioritise work for 8–14 hours every day to the point that you come home too grumpy and tired to do all those other things we say you prioritise.

Perhaps you’ve got a hobby that you value, that you want to perfect. Playing the guitar, running ultramarathons, writing, creating a business that provides more value than it extracts.

So what are you doing about that? Perhaps it’s time to stop reading and time to do what you really value.

And then that’s where the guilt starts. You berate yourself for not doing those things you should be doing. So lazy and stupid and not living up to your potential— that’s what you’re telling yourself.

For me, that’s where two key practises come into play:

(1) Mindfulness

(2) Minimalism.

Mindfulness means you’re away of your thoughts and have tactics to master them.

Minimalism is about being aware of what matters to you, and acting on that. Cutting out the things that don’t matter so you can prioritise what you truly value.

Hat tip to Joshua Fields Millburn for sparking these thoughts: http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/20175287.