Couples Sex Toys — 5 Top Picks

Sex toys these days aren’t just for solo sessions during those times you need to scratch an itch but don’t have your partner with you. There may still be some his-and-hers toys — ones mean to be used by solely a male or female. But at the same time, there are those meant to be used by couples, whether together or by taking turns.

Some ladies will have their favourites, as will some blokes. These are a few of the ones you can find on the market that are the best best for added stimulation for you and your bedroom partner.

JimmyJane Hello Touch X. So it looks like a device straight out of a science fiction film or TV series, but this pair of vibrators are guaranteed to make foreplay that much better. Wearing them on your fingers means you can add to titillation without really changing your routine.

All you need to do is touch her in the right places, and the buzzing sensations will have her dripping in no time. This is one of those toys you’ll want to take turns with, because it will feel wonderful for you both.

Rascally Rabbit. Cock rings are designed to help you last longer, so that’s definitely something you both will want. This one, however, has two vibrators — one bullet, and one that’s shaped similar to the ‘rabbit’ vibrator. These will definitely stimulate both you and your gorgeous partner. Whether you go fast or slow, she’ll be screaming in pleasure soon enough.

Joya Sphere Couples Massager. It’s shaped like the taijitu — the yin-yang symbol, in other words — and separates into two, one massager each for you and her. Both feel great.

You can use one to give your partner a sensual but relaxing rubdown, or while you’re going down on her. Either way, she’ll thank you for it before you get to the main course.

Zini Deux. It looks like an egg, when you first look at it, but it actually opens up further to give you two vibrators, a little like the above-mentioned toy. You can use them at the same time, or take turns to do so. You’re sure to enjoy it either way.

If you’re not sure which one’s which, the rigid side is for you to use on her clit and labia, to get her hot and wanting. The inverted one is to add stimulation to your package.

LeLo IDA Couple Massager. This massager is made to fit inside her while your cock’s in there, too. It’s supposed to stimulate you both at the same time, and with 8 different modes, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Not sure if you’ll love using toys in your sex routine? Engage some of the girls from Perth online, and ask her to bring a few of her favourites. You’ll find one you’ll love soon enough.

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