Apple’s New File System: Who Cares?
Jean-Louis Gassée

Battery Life Gains?

I never see better battery life from a new file system as a result of considerbaly faster results with manipultating the drive via the process before being able to fall back to a relaxed state.

One video on YouTube showed a larger, intradrive file being copying. One on HFS+, and the other with APFS, both on Sierra, and both with the same file tothe same location. Becasue of the benefits of APFS, the file was instantly copied, instead of taking a couple minutes. Now, if that action or other similar actions are added up, I would assume that you have more resouerces avaialble for system performance on the ready, and end up saving battery life over a day’s worth of of worth.

Perhaps not as much as you’d get from iOS, where things are considerably more confided, but perhspa saying a file in a large file in a 3rd-party App to iCloud drive will now be instance witout having to literally copy every bit to the new iCloud’s local location, as it currently does.

I’m very happen about this move, and I’m very impressed by their ability to seemlesssly get 1 billion iOS users off of HTS+ and onlt APFS without the wiser—this is nothing short of amazing— but I hope to ssee it fully ready for macOS this WWDC 2017.

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