15 Ways You Can Cut College Expenses

College is a rut which can devour your money in an instant and leave you with nothing. Proper money management skills as well as embracing expense reduction techniques will ensure a smooth flow of events during your college life. Here are some tips as to how you can manage your college expenses:

1. Choose community college

Commence your education at a community college and then after accomplishing basic courses, you can transfer to a 4-year college which is focused at your specific degree or just go for a community college.

2. Opt for dual enrolment

Talk to your counselor and explore the option of taking few college courses during high school if it is plausible. This will save you a lot of money during college.

3. Choose your housing option

Take a note of the amount you will be spending if you live on-campus or choose to rent an apartment and then decide accordingly. Opt for a cheaper means of accommodation since college is just a temporary place to be in and soon you will be off.

4. Keep what you need

Follow the minimalist rule. Don’t expend on stuff which are of not utmost importance. Buy only that stuff which you absolutely need. After all, the less the budget the more the savings you will have.

5. Save money on food

Instead of wasting money on food, you can cook it. It will prove to be cheaper to cook than spending on meal plans. You just need to learn a few basic recipes and you are set to go. Cooking is more of a time passing method and it keeps you in track off bad company.

6. Buy cheap textbooks

This is one of the best ways to conserve your money. Buy second-hand cheap books or better if you have a laptop, just download the study material. There is no advantage of a new book over an old book. It’s not like the words would change anyway!

7. Get a job

Taking a part time job can help you pay a lot of your expenses plus it gives you some job experience. Find local jobs which are flexible to your free time and then work and earn. It always feels good having that extra dollar.

8. Search for scholarships

Apply for scholarships every year. It’s not just for high school students, in fact college students can try too. It tabulates reduced fees and trickles all the way to reduce expenses too.

9. Reduce your cell phone bill

Try avoiding unnecessary phone calls. Make only those costs which are indispensable. Also choose the phone plan carefully with the least costing.

10. Student discount

Avail student discount on clothes, laptops, textbooks, travels and other stuff. Best way to get the stuff and not pay the full amount.

11. Document your spending

Pay in cash for all stuff and keep a diary of your spending. This will help you to avoid impulse buys.

12. Try being a shopping sniper

This means when go into the store with a list, buy those items and get out of the store as soon as possible. This helps in avoiding salesman and impulse buys.

13. Avoid credit cards

More than often credit cards just encourage unnecessary debts and that too pretty quickly. So be careful with credit cards.

14. Plan your graduation

Decide what you want to be and pay only for those courses which contribute to your required degree.

15. Be careful with your student loans

No need to keep unnecessary debt. If some amount of student loan money left over after paying your school fee, get the school to return the funds. No need adding interest.

Originally published at www.campustalkblog.com.

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