Jeff Sessions is perverting justice like it’s going out of style.

And it is.

There’s now a national consensus that we need criminal justice reform, that the number of people we incarcerate is an international shame, and that private prisons -!- are an abomination against the principles we ought to hold dear as a country.

And yet, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has just overturned an Obama admin policy and directed his prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty for drug related offenses.

The malevolent elf, perhaps the only competent member of this administration, is leveraging his years of government experience to try to make all his deeply felt dreams of shoring up white supremacy come true before Trump (hopefully) topples.

He’s coming for your civil rights.

Never mind the wealth of evidence that the war on drugs has been a disaster. Never mind our overflowing prisons. He wants to fill them up, keep that school-to-prison pipeline pumping, with no regard for what actually helps the health of our society and opportunities for all Americans.

Not to mention the byproduct I’m certain he didn’t overlook of disenfranchising felons in the country. The more people you convict as felons, the fewer can vote, possibly/likely (though not necessarily, as I learned from Sam Bee!) against you and your ilk.

Samantha Bee’s piece on felon voting was incredibly well-timed and I recommend it highly- there are some comparatively very trivial offenses for which there is still no process for restoring a citizen’s civil rights.

I left an extremely angry message for the DOJ-
202–353–1555 — 
also pointing out that Sessions has lied under oath and brought about the firing of James Comey while supposedly recused from all Russia matters. He should resign.

And CALIFORNIANS, there is pending legislation to reduce the impact of Sessions’ poison in our state. As I understand it, it’s largely to clear up some of the confusion about the law and enforcement of it in the wake of changes in many parts of the country to marijuana laws, but it’s a step in the right direction and towards protecting Californians from Sessions’ animus and his vigorous revival of a misguided and racially motivated war on drugs.

I called my Assembly Member in support of AB 1578.