The Final Debate

(I swear I’ll stop talking politics at some point. It’s just too important and interesting right now.)

If I had to bet, I would bet Trump is declared the “winner” of the final debate. I don’t truly believe he wins or he even will impress anyone. But that’s not important. The media isn’t rigged as Trump would have you believe, but they do indulge in narratives. And the dominant one right now is what begins Trump’s comeback.

First, this debate is moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. While I don’t impugn the man’s credential and reputation as a newsman and moderator, there will be an agenda. And it will likely have more to do with down ticket races than so much the presidency.

In other words, if Trump gets on base. He’ll be awarded a run. That actually ahs been how the media has couched the vast majority of Trump criticism up until his sexual assault scandal.

Remember the second debate? It really wasn’t too long ago. It was an unambiguous disaster though. And Hillary was the clear winner. And yet. The pundits, the reporters, they reviewed Trump as doing unquestionably “better” and more prepared.

I know. I know. What debate were they watching?

Actually, I know why they say that. The first debate Trump, while just as bad, started out “strong” (strong for him, we have to grade on a curve because of bullshit) and then melted down at the end. How you finish matters more than how you start. In the second debate, Trump started out awful. Lobbying as much garbage as he could. It was an embarrassment. And then he predictably cooled off. Trump gradually talked around to an “okay” performance (we are again grading on a curve, for the presidency, ugh).

Now, betting on Trump doing well this debate is very risky. Because he is a dangerous unstable, incompetent, sociopathic and vitriolic individual, it is unlikely he actually does well.

But he might still be declared the winner. Because it is more interesting a story.

I doubt it though.

Hillary Clinton was excellent the first debate and on point the second debate. There’s nothing in her history that suggests she will show up unprepared. She’s too smart for that. Any break and they will crucify her.

Right now though, none of that will probably matter. We’re a shade under three weeks from electing our first woman president. That’s momentous. Even if it doesn’t feel that way. History will be made And whomever you vote for, we will make our way into another period of America.

Unless you vote for Trump, then fuck you.

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