Drop is ambitious in making their effort to revolutionizing the mode of cashback since it was ranked one of the top Toronto-based tech company and one of the 100 best start-ups in 2016 in Canada. This post will work you through how this app works and why it is so amazing to have.

First, you need to have this app installed on your smartphone: Drop. You can use our registration link to download the app:


Drop has its own reward system: by earning Drop Points you can redeem different kinds of gift cards. Every 1000 Drop Points worth 1 CAD towards your gift card redemption, which means, 10 points per dollar spent equals 1% cash back. I personally think this is a very good add-on to your credit card points accumulation.

The workflow to make this app work is:

1. Download the app in the app store onto your smartphone (when you search Drop, the first result).

2. Sign up using your personal credentials in the app. Alternatively, you can do this directly on their official website: click here.

3. This is a critical step: link you most common used credit cards to the program. You can add more cards later on by clicking settings icon on the top right of this app.

Note: You will be asked to login into your banking information when linking your cards, but this is for tracking your transaction only. You do not have to worry about account security here. More information about this is explained in great details on the official webpage here: click here.

3. By adding a refferal code, you can earn a sign up bonus of 1000 points. Just go to settings-have a code- and put the code in. You are welcome to use our refferal code : phdguy.

4. Now you can earn Drop Points by using your card at selected merchants offered in your app. I will write in the next post on how some additional tricks about those offers in Drop.

There are quite a few highlights about this app:

1. As you use more of the offers, you will receive even more offers from various merchants. Some of them are really amazing deals. To make it even better, those deals can be shared among friends!

2. You can refer your friend to join this app by using your own refferal code. Once they sign up, you will both have 1,000 more drop points.

3. The nicest thing about this app is that, you can earn your cashback or points with your credit cards at the same time. So it is actually a very good add-on feature. Say, you are using your 2% cash back card on Tims, you can earn another 2% “cash back” if you link this card to Drop.

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