(The following is a series of Facebook post from May 2016 on black power and land)

The masses deserve more from our so called black revolutionaries. They need and want more than just the shouting of “black power”, waving RBG flags, and wearing dashikis. Where does the work began and the RBG dress up competition end?

To those whom it may concern when do you become a servant to your community by doing actual work to serve them and stop taking part in the very popular RBG ego parades. That lead nowhere and severe no one but yourselves

When does the manifestation of black power go beyond the now very popular black power dress up competitions. So many fly the beautiful red, black, green flag but when it’s time to bring actual power to the forefront and show black power through the work far too many don’t show up. Where are the relief programs? Where are the survival programs? What programs created? What institutions have been built?

Where are the programs that show black power unapologetically without having to shout and prove their blackness? The black power that shows from the work and the fruit of the work

The immediate and tangible way to bring about black power is to seize the thousands of vacant lots, vacant land in our urban communities. How we talking black power but not talking land. We celebrated Malcolm X’s birthday on May 19th we did it big all over the country. When it was over the ones at the forefront of the land issue was left out of any concrete plans, programs, and conversations. We forgot that brother Malcolm told us in Message To The Grassroots “Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equity

We have an abundance of resources at our disposal with the vacant and empty lots, land, and other things that are laying around in our community. We can go about getting this land legally by buying it even though sometimes it seems the system isn’t set up for us to win like that but its not impossible. A lot of people talk about the approach to getting land but in my experience it’s mostly talk. We can also do the less popular and less traveled approach take and claim the land as ours with out any paperwork. Many say they’re ready to “Free The Land” but are afraid to take the approach of cleaning up land that is vacant and building a life for ourselves on it.

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