Knitted Sweater

Typically, I don’t fantasize about being the hub in a MMF threesome. But, for a certain someone…I’m willing to be open to the possibilities. I hope you are inspired by this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt.

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I’ve just come from a quick shower where I imagined that you had joined me.

You had lathered my loofah with soap and applied a layer of suds all over my body in the same fashion as you’ve described lathering yourself when you masturbate in the shower…thinking of me.

However, when you’re done, you follow-up with your hands and cover the same path that you had taken with the loofah moments before.

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Your hands move over the wet skin at my neck and shoulders, massaging before moving on to my breasts and playing with them as I stand just inside the spray. Then you move to my stomach, followed by each leg.

I sigh as your hand finally slips between my legs. I am already wet. Proof of my arousal mixes with the water, mine being slightly thicker, more viscous as the water splashes against us and your long fingers that are stroking me, driving me mad.

I throw my head back into the spray as your hands slip through my folds, spreading my juices all over my pussy. I imagine looking up at you, just as you widen my opening with two fingers. Then, as your fingers enter me deeply, you kiss me and I suck on your tongue as my pelvis rocks onto your fingers.

In reality, I’m alone standing under the water, lightly stroking myself while you are across the Atlantic dreaming of me.

I don’t want to come yet. I don’t want to even get close to it. I just want to get really worked up, then stop. I know how much you like it when I deprive myself of cumming. I imagine you watching me, a smile of approval on your face as I turn off the water.

While I’m still wet from the shower as I apply scented oil all over my skin and enjoy the sensation before I dry off.

Naked, I lay down on my bed and just run my hands ever so lightly over the tips of my nipples as I run through a scenario that would make you want to cum so hard, you couldn't prevent yourself from decorating my bedspread with your seed.

I close my eyes and imagine…

You and I are kneeling naked in the center of a four-post bed. We are kissing deeply, lit by a soft light which reflects the sheen of silk on the bed beneath us. The light doesn’t extend beyond the bed, leaving the remainder of the room to recede into dark shadow.

As we kiss, you are massaging my ass, one hand on each cheek. When I throw my head back, caught up in the sensation, you begin kissing the sensitive spot midway between my ear and collarbone. Each time you suck and lick the spot, I can feel my pussy clench with every slight of tongue.

We are so preoccupied with each other that we don’t notice that a third person has joined us until he is kneeling on the bed behind me. Another set of pale hands are now on my body, rubbing my breasts and playing with my nipples.

I am so horny, I don’t even care. His wrists appear slender like a woman’s, but his hands are large. Then he joins in at the other side of my neck, sucking and biting. I could cum from just that sensation alone.

Sussex is hugging me closely from behind me, his cock is semi-erect against the cleft of my ass. You are so excited about the idea of watching me be fucked by another man. I can almost feel the rush pulse through your entire body.

As if preparing me to take another man’s cock, you spread my ass cheeks open so that Sussex’s growing hard-on is nested neatly inside the cheeks as he begins to rub his cock through my cheeks.

“Yes, open her pretty ass for me. I’m going to enjoy fucking your dirty Angel,” Sussex says as he continues to rub his cock with my ass, his cock being nice and hard now.

Every few strokes, his cock slips and pushes low within the small “O” created at the hollow of my thighs just below my sex. I am so wet, that each sweep of his cock is being bathed in my honey, lubing him so that he can glide smoothly between my cheeks.

You are getting excited. Your body wants nothing more than to watch him fuck me from behind, even if in your mind you are feeling territorial. The idea of watching another man’s cock pump in and out of my wet slit excites you so much that you remove your left hand from my ass and begin stroking your cock.

Seeing you so worked up, is making me so hot, I’m practically drooling as I watch you pump your cock in your hand, your dark head reddening, preparing for the moment when hot spunk will shoot from the tip.

Sussex’s cock feels so good each time it sweeps through my inner thighs, grazing my labia. He’s driving me mad from the feel of him gliding beneath my hungry pussy. I need more.

I want to feel the sensation of two cocks gliding through my thighs, getting drenched in my honey. While, Sussex continues to alternate between my cheeks and my thighs, I gently grab your cock out of your hand.

“Mind if I borrow this a moment,” I say at your surprised look. You don’t remain surprised for long as I place you between my legs near the front of my pussy.

You glide in easily on Sussex’s off stroke, only to be pushed out by the head of his dick as he glides forward. Having two thick heads rub me from beneath makes me scream out in pleasure. “That feels so fucking good.” I am getting dangerously close to coming.

You recognize the signs and decide to slow me down. You pull away, putting an end to my phallic fulcrum.

“Who do you want inside that tight little pussy of yours, baby?” you ask.

“Do you want to watch Sussex fuck me? I want you to watch him take me. I want you to watch me enjoy taking another man’s cock inside of me, ” I reply, looking over my shoulder and proffering my ass to the small, pretty man behind me.

You growl and push me down onto the bed so that I have to turn my face to breath. My ass and sex are open and exposed to Sussex, who takes the opportunity to go two-fingers deep into my slit. I moan.

When he removes his hands, there my cream coats his fingers. Sensing that you are hungry for the first taste of me, Sussex offers my cream to you. You don’t hesitate to suck his fingers clean.

“You taste so good, baby,” you say to me, softly caressing my ass before moving to grab both of my wrists to pinion them at my lower back with one hand. “Fuck her hard,” you tell Sussex. She likes it when you pound her like a battering ram.”

Sussex does not need to be told twice. In one perfect push, his cock goes straight in, balls deep. I yell out from the wonderful pressure of finally having a cock inside of me. I imagine I can feel every wrinkle and every vein. My pussy is so hungry that it automatically begins milking his cock.

You are so turned on by the sight of me. I rarely play the role of submissive and you like it so much that you grab your cock and begin stroking as you watch my body jerk with each thrust from Sussex’s hip, his cock.

“Fuck…ah god, yes.” I cry out as Sussex continues to pound me from behind while I watch your hand begin to move faster within you fist. You face is furrowed as if summoning sperm from an alternate universe.

“I’m going to cum all over your back, Angel,” Sussex declares, baring his teeth at the intense sensation from deep within his balls, indicating he is seconds from pumping cum all over me.

“Fucking do it,” I say, wanting to be covered. Moments later, Sussex has removed his cock from my wetness. He makes a short bark sound, then I feel the warmth of his semen spill onto me.

Seeing him ejaculate pushes you over the edge, your balls contracting to begin squirting your cum on to me too.

“Ahh. Fuck.” you yell as ribbons and ribbons of cum covers my back in waves adding to the special sweater I now wear.

You let go of my wrists just before you began to cum. Being free to hop on the cum-wagon, I put a hand between my legs and give myself the a few strokes on my clit which sends me over the edge.

As the stars clear my vision, I feel nice and cozy…wearing my knitted cum sweater. 💋

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