Mantis Moon

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She stared at the five older astronauts who watched her from behind the spaceship’s observation glass, knowing each would die for the chance to fuck her. She’d have them all soon enough. The thought made her so hot, she couldn’t tell which set of lips drooled more as she repeatedly pulsed her sex in gluttonous anticipation.

Each man had undone his uniform coveralls and had a firm grip on his cock, stroking at differing paces as she fingered her hairless sex. Her violet-colored thighs were spread wide, exposing the sopping wet, dark magenta pussies that the females of her species were known for.

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She’d easily accommodate them simultaneously and would for the remainder of their natural lives — as outlined in the terms of the peace treaty between their two lifeforms. It made her nipples peak knowing that if they had their way, they would already be balls-deep inside each magenta-hued orifice her curvy humanoid body possessed.

But, first-contact would be granted to only one. He’d be special, and she’d take her time selecting him from the bunch. Him, she’d taste immediately, craving every inch of his meat. She’d gorge herself on him and wouldn’t stop until she’d had her fill. He’d live on inside of her, his essence working to sustain her high sex-drive for the remainder of her alien lifespan.

They’d had to wait five years for her to reach their international space station that orbited her planet’s farthest moon. The last Mantisian ambassador had died in transit from an unexpected illness, which meant she, herself, had to undergo a thorough decontamination protocol. It was why she was being quarantined now.

What were ten more lunar days when she’d traveled so far, each day becoming hornier, hungrier than the next? For the duration of her transit, she’d fantasized how she wanted to fuck them all at once, each astronaut climbing over her to position themselves and use her as the alien slut she was.

Two would stand, cocks throbbing, poised to enter each of her two dripping pussies. One would be at her mouth, ready to piston his cock down her long throat, and the last would enjoy the special thrill of sinking slowly into her naturally gaping void hole. They all would pump their seed into her together or individually. Whenever she was in heat, which would be often. Still, she needed the one special human to initiate her and begin her cycle.

She fought to stave off her orgasm as each of the men shot his milky cum onto the glass pane that separated them. Sniffing the air with her super-heighten olfactory receptors, she could still smell the acidic aroma of semen and male perspiration beyond the sealed room. However, the scent of one man stood out the most.

He’d been the one who’d stared directly into her eyes as his cum painted the glass before her. His salt and pepper hair did nothing to belie his tall, sinewy frame, and thick cock that continued to leak as he continued to stroke. He showed no signs of softening.

Yes, she would choose him, and she would devour him, draining every drop of life-sustaining liquid as she feasted on his flesh. He’d make her cum, and then would fill her belly. For after she’d mated with him, she’d eat him, as was the way with the females of her species. The thought pushed her over the edge, as she came with a loud groan and a clear, pink liquid gushed over her hands and onto the floor.

They would have all died for the chance to fuck her, but the one literally would. She licked her fingers. ■


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