Succubus Unbound

There’s something about October and this week’s Masturbation Monday (#213) image prompt that called for the penning of this dark tale. I like stories that depict things that are not quite as they seem. Hopefully, you’ll get that impression as you read this story…when you realize who’s ‘zooming who.’ Enjoy!~B.


If I tie this any tighter, it’ll cut off your circulation. We wouldn’t want that, would we?”

His deep voice boomed in the closed space, but he was deep in thought, as if reciting something he’d memorized. I knew he wasn’t speaking to me. I was gagged, blindfolded, naked, and soon to be bound. It wasn’t as if I could respond.

Still, I questioned his judgement; if anything, the bindings weren’t tight enough. For someone like me, too tight wasn’t a ‘thing’. But, he wouldn’t have known that. He wanted a victim, and I wanted to looked the part convincingly.

The blindfold effectively robbed me of my sight. But, I didn’t need to see to know how this all would end. Besides, my other senses were just as strong, just as reliable.

It was him who should have been worried. Daryl was big and burly, and very smart considering he spent a lot of time developing his body. He’d been a bully all his life, but deep down was nothing but a hurt little boy who once wouldn’t hurt a fly. Somewhere along the way, that changed.

And, I was hardly a fly.

Daryl held my arms in one of his large hands, high behind me. He began the leather ties high above my biceps, he circled them downward towards my wrists. When he’d finished, he roughly pushed my head down onto the stale dirt while his arm held my ass high and exposed for him.

I grimaced as the bindings cut into my flesh, but not in pain. The wave of energy coursing through my body told me that it was near, and it was hungry. Daryl misread my reactions and grabbed my small breasts, first grazing my extended nipples then pinching them with enough force to make me hiss. I felt the telltale dampness drip down my inner thigh.

His beefy fingers trailed after it, and having caught the liquid, brought it to his mouth—if his sucking noises were any indication. “Ah, such an eager bitch. Don’t worry, I’m going to breed you deep and hard. Make you beg for my cum.”

He’d carried me under the crawl space where the stagnant air magnified the brackish smell of urine and cum, indicating exactly what this space was used for. But, even had it not, I’d have been clued in after hearing him spit, then the slapping sounds of his hand jerking himself to an erection.

He grunted over and over in his effort, making me imagine what a sight such a big man masturbating must have looked like, where I able to watch him. I imagined his beefy hands fisted around an even beefier cock as he readied himself for me. I grew wetter as my imagination got the best of me, my heightened anticipation acting as the foreplay he would not provide. And then there it was, the feel of his bulbous, blood-engorged head positioned at the entrance of my slit.

I wanted nothing more than to shove back hard and feel him fill me, feel him take me…before I took him. But, I was patient and was soon rewarded when his large cock stretch my opening to accommodate his size. The feel of him pushing in steady and firm only to retreat and start again was maddening. It was heaven. It was the beginning of his end. My body coated the length of him, as if my pussy was the drooling maw of a starved monster.

He held me still as he pressed into my body. With each thrust, I felt the change occurring, felt my metamorphosis as I crested higher and higher towards the climax I could never control, nor ever deny. The demon craved flesh, sought out the biggest, nastiest predator it could find with intentions to gorge itself and feast on the thickest mass of meat.

My vaginal muscles engaged, I did my best to suck him deep inside me and resist his retreat. My strong muscles deepened the sensation, bringing us both closer to a forceful release. Daryl was too caught up in his impending orgasm to notice what was happening beyond his cock. He was unable to process any logical thought beyond the sense of touch.

He didn’t hear the leather bindings creak as they stretched from the pressure of bulging muscles forming under them. He didn’t feel my internal anatomy morphing around him, gripping him in a manner no human female should be able to do.

Biting through my gag as my jaw and teeth transformed, my moans of lust took on an more feral tone as I pushed up on my newly freed arms, arched my back and fucked him back, my body taking in more of him on each thrust.

I was coming…and so was the demon.

Hard on the heels of my violent orgasm, I heard Daryl growl as his cum coated my insides in spurts as my body swallowed his liquids and didn’t stop. My pussy continued sucking and sucking his cock, drawing out more of his essence than he’d have been able to do naturally.

“Oh, Fuck! Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” His hands roughly grabbed my hips as he ground into me, as my sex proceeded to drain him. He came again and again with me impaled on his shaft, except now, unbeknownst to him, he was the one entrapped.

With the demon just a moment away, I threw back my head and howled my pleasure, and announced it’s arrival.

And then I was tucked away inside my body. From somewhere deep inside myself, I watch the demon devour Daryl, essentially sucking the life out of him as if his cock were a phallic straw. It wasn’t a painful death if you consider wave after wave of ceaseless orgasms on an over sensitive cock to be pleasant.

However, I like to think the grimace on Daryl’s face, which had essentially become a skin-covered skeleton, might have been mixed in with some of the pain he’d have inflicted on me had I not been a succubus, the same pain he’d have inflicted on other women. But, that is not the way of a succubus. I’d have to be content that he died as he’d lived, a wasted bag of bones. ■


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