5 Reasons Why You Should Add Influencer Marketing to Your 2019 Strategy

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Influencer Marketing is the new strategic digital craze that’s rapidly replacing PPC ads for businesses and brands all over the world. The concept of Influencer Marketing is simple — Outsourcing some of your marketing efforts to someone(s) with a large and engaged following through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube. Huge, multi-million dollar businesses are using big names like Kylie Jenner, Olivia Culpo, Lebron James, etc. as Influencers, but with grand exposure comes an even grander price tag. Influencer marketing does not have to be an over-the-top expensive addition to your marketing plan, but you will want to add it into your budget before this year is up or your brand will get left behind. In this article, we will outline a few reasons why you need to add Influencer Marketing into your marketing strategy immediately.

People buy from people they trust

If you are in the sales industry, you’ve probably heard the saying “People Buy From People.” The concept behind Influencer Marketing stems directly from this belief. Social Media Influencers are people who have a large, dedicated and engaged following that often aspire to live a life just like what they see the coveted Influencer living. If an Influencer promotes a brand or a service, their followers will be more inclined to want to try out the brand or service as well, just because the Influencer they admire encouraged them to do so. People naturally turn to their peers for recommendations on services, businesses, products, etc. and the Influencer-Follower experience is no different. Even if the Influencer is not directly connected with a follower, the trust and admiration that the followers have for the Influencer is so grand that now they “just have to have it” because that respected and likeable person has promoted it.

Gain exposure to a group that you wouldn’t have access to organically

Social Media Influencers can range anywhere from the Girl Next Door to an internationally recognized athlete. For the purposes of growing your business, however, you’re more than likely going to want to go with what’s called a Micro Influencer, who will usually have a minimum of 5K — 100K followers across their social media platforms. Look at your brand’s Instagram right now — Do you have 25K engaged and dedicated followers? I know we sure don’t! Not only do these accounts have a large following, but MOST importantly, they have high rates of engagement. People are truly invested in their accounts and want to know what they’re doing, eating, experiencing, buying, etc. DAILY. Just imagine the exposure you brand could have and the potential future customers you could reach by just providing your brand’s information through the shared words and photos of a trusted Influencer.

You can repurpose their created content for your feed

If you have a business Instagram account, you more than likely have access to sharing another account’s content on your story. Any content created by your Influencer(s) would be the perfect share! And if you’re struggling with coming up with content that week, build off of what your Influencer posted regarding your brand as a post on your feed. Check out how we did exactly this for a client to the left ←

It can boost your SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, basically marketing jargon for getting your business or brand to the top of search engine results. What are some keywords associated with your brand? Fitness, food, home décor, apartments, etc.? These are such broad concepts that your brand can easily get lost in the shuffle if you’re not optimizing your digital presence. An Influencer will come in handy because they are more than likely already reflecting as a higher trusted entity in Google’s eyes due to their large, engaged following. Have your Influencer tag your account, share your website AND geotag your location (if you are a physical business) to gain traction for your brand and traffic to your landing pages. An Influencer will make your brand more relatable and will help boost your credibility, both of which are very important to Google’s SEO algorithms.

It’s trackable and measurable

Understanding and visualizing the return on an investment in marketing is usually very difficult unless an immediate increase in sales, traffic, etc. is experienced, which is usually never the case. Thankfully, in today’s digital world, marketing through digital means can be tracked in real time and you can measure your strategies’ successes with the click of a button. With Influencer Marketing, you can see all likes, shares, comments, etc. in a matter of seconds. You can also gauge the Influencer’s posts for appropriate and applicable engagement in real time. If your Influencer is just receiving comments from other brands asking them to collaborate with them as well, you can choose very quickly if your Influencer needs to alter his/her strategy to attract a more favorable audience. Instagram and Facebook also offer Insights, which allows prominent accounts to see things such as 1) where their followers are physically located, 2) what age ranges and genders are currently following their page and 3) what time of the day and what days of the week their followers are engaging with their content.

If you are interested in learning more about Influencer Marketing, we offer programs through our Digital Marketing Firm, Social Theory, Inc. that source and manage Influencers who will be applicable to your brand and your vision. All of the images found in this article are directly from Influencers managed by Social Theory, Inc.

The future of marketing is DIGITAL and you don’t want to miss this fast-moving train! Don’t get left behind — reach out to us today!

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