Creating a Measurable Vision Board

The Pivotal Companies
Jan 6 · 3 min read

Many of us are visual people and need to see something in action to fully comprehend the scope. If you are a visual person, creating a vision board will help you to see your goals and create a plan to best reach those goals. A vision board, sometimes referred to as a dream board, is where you can express your goals and plans through images. Seeing your goals in front of you, every single day, will help push you to reach them. A vision board acts as a constant, visually appealing reminder of what your end goal is that you are working towards daily

Step One: Figure out what you really want.

What is your final goal? The end goal that you are reaching to accomplish one day, maybe it’s by the end of 2020 or maybe you create smaller quarterly vision boards. No matter the longevity, what is your desired end result? These are your hopes and dreams, so go crazy. Write down all of the ideas that come to mind for your goals and then combine them into a list of the top goals you want to achieve.

Step Two: Gather the supplies to create your vision board.

You will need:

· A canvas or poster board

· Glue

· Markers

· Scissors

· Printer

· Magazines, Newspaper, Picture Books, etc. whatever you would like to steal your images from!

Step Three: Choose the right photos.

Once you know all of your goals, it’s time to choose the right photos. Skim through your magazines/newspapers/etc. and see if any images pop out at you as something that will remind you of your end goal. No luck? You could always hit Google for stock photos and print them out instead! You want to make sure the photos you choose are meaningful and trigger your emotions, so that you really want to push for those goals. Printing out or cutting out your own words and using them as a “photo” will help too! Using your own words will bring meaning to what your goal is, especially if you cannot find the right photo to describe your goal and trigger the goal-setting emotions.

Step Four: Create your vision board!

It’s time for the fun part — to bring all of your ideas and goals to life! Get creative, think outside of the box and have fun! Add motivational quotes, personal words, and all your photos. Make the vision board speak to you and create something you will look forward to seeing every single day.

Step Five: Placement is key!

Hang your vision board somewhere that you will pass by and notice every day. Hang it near your office desk, so while you’re working, you remember what you are doing this for. Have a home gym and are going for more health-centric goals? Hang it there! Hang your board somewhere that others can see as well, so they ask you about it. Talking to others about your goals makes them become more realistic, and helps other people hold you accountable for your dreams as well.

Have fun creating your vision board and remember this is for YOU. This is a visual representation of the plans you have made for yourself and the goals you want to achieve. Remember- hold yourself accountable for your goals, and if they change, change your vision board! If you come up with new goals, add them. Your vision board could be ever evolving, as long as you are always growing!

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the Pivotal Companies is the parent company of 3 sub-sectors, each specifically designed with the challenges of the housing industry in mind.

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