Funny Places Students Sleep Outside of Their Beds

Today is National Public Sleeping Day and it’s also midterm week for many of your student residents across the country. After putting in those long study hours, every student needs a place to catch some Z’s, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be at their apartment. Enjoy some of these unique places students have been caught sleeping — publicly!

A Desk

Every professor and TA has had to deal with this one! Those 8 AM summer classes seem to never be the most engaging curriculum and, therefore, cause students to make their hands go numb by using their arms as a pillow to get the attendance credit.

An Indoor or Outdoor Bench

Whether they’re waiting for a friend in the Union or trying to catch up on some rest in between classes, a comfy bench is the way to go for public campus sleeping! The best option would be to soak up some Vitamin C by lying on a bench in a grassy area. Wake up rejunvenated and recharged!

In the Stacks

Yeah, we know, they’re supposed to be studying in the library, but it’s so quiet! What better place to get away from your noisy roommate than in a location where students are required to keep noise level to a minimum? Plus, reading provides a natural form of sleep inducement!

On the Bus

One of the greatest amenities any off-campus housing entity can offer is ample public transportation. Whether that be too and from campus, the grocery store or to the best bars in the area. Especially if a property is a little further away from campus than their direct competitors, a bus route or a property shuttle is the perfect way to overcome the “it’s too far” objection. Plus, students will have an extra place to rest their eyes on the way to and from class!

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