Holiday-Themed Parties Your Residents will WANT to Attend

Are you looking for last minute ideas to bring your residents together for the holidays? Hosting a holiday party is a great way to spend time with your residents and show them they are appreciated. Hosting a holiday-themed party does not have to be extravagant for the residents to have a great time!

Hot Cocoa Bar

The time has come for chilly temperatures! Setting up a hot cocoa bar will help keep everyone warm and in good spirits! Keep the cocoa HOT and the cart stocked with marshmallows, peppermints and other festive additions and we guarantee it will be the “Hottest Spot” on your property.

Holiday Bingo Night

Host a Holiday Bingo Night! Create simple Bingo cards and enjoy a game night with your residents! Who doesn’t love an exciting game of Bingo? Offer a small incentive to the winner of each round — you can offer gift cards, gift baskets, or cash!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Everyone knows that an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party will be a hit, no matter what! Everyone loves a good excuse to get out the Ugly Sweaters they made (or were given… yikes)! You can even offer the opportunity for residents to make their sweaters right on the spot by providing glue guns, tinsel, felt, cotton balls, etc. so there’s no reason why someone wouldn’t want to show up! Make sure to offer incentives to the winner — the one with the Ugliest Sweater!

Holiday Game Night

There are endless options to offer at a Holiday Game Night. Playing games with your residents will help break the ice and bring everyone closer. Some great holiday game ideas could be a White Elephant Gift Exchange, Saran Wrap gift ball, holiday-themed Minute to Win it games, or a fun holiday-themed Jeopardy! Some fun Jeopardy topics that’ll be sure to resonate with everyone could be about holiday movies, music and famous traditions!

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to put together a simple Holiday Party for your residents! You can split these activities up over multiple days throughout the holiday season, or you can combine them all into one night! The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless. We hope that you have a great time celebrating with your residents!!

Merry Christmas from The Pivotal Companies!!

The Pivotal Companies

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the Pivotal Companies is the parent company of 3 sub-sectors, each specifically designed with the challenges of the housing industry in mind.

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