Social Media Marketing Tips for Business — Part 2

The Pivotal Companies
Jul 2 · 5 min read

Social Media Marketing is here to stay and if you want to stay relevant and appear credible to prospective customers, you have to get on board. Here is Part 2 of our 3-Part Series — Social Media Marketing Tips for Business!

See Part 1 here!

Omnichannel — A funny word and a fun tactic that you’ll want to master to be the best in your biz. Omnichannel marketing refers to the multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience. Whether the customer is on their laptop, mobile device or pulling up to your storefront, the experience should be seamless. Ensuring that there is brand cohesion across all channels (color schemes, font, purpose, aesthetic, etc.) and that cohesion can be displayed appropriately across all channels (optimizing for mobile devices, large scale image printing, etc.) will ensure a higher YoY return for your business than hosting your entire business plan on a single channel or multiple channels with no cohesive efforts.

At The Pivotal Companies, we manage a large Influencer Marketing Program for clients who are interested in expanding their brand exposure to larger, targeted and dedicated audiences through Social Media Influencers’ accounts. Within this program, the clients are able to repurpose the posts created by the Influencers to share lifestyle content with their followers. This is one way to utilize user-generated content within your Social Media Marketing strategy. Another great way to increase engagement amongst your followers is to host a contest in which you ask your followers to tag you in their content. One of the best tactics to ensure high engagement within this strategic content production is to tell your followers that the content produced by participants will be added to your story! This will encourage higher participation, because everyone is looking to gain exposure through social media, whether business or self-brand.

“PPC” stands for “Pay-Per-Click” Advertising and if you haven’t heard of it or have not been actively utilizing this tool, I can promise you, your competitors have. It’s safe to say that pretty much every form of social media now has the ability to advertise and the costs can be as high or as low as you deem necessary to reach your brand’s desired goals. The best (and probably creepiest) part about social media advertising is the ability to dive deep down into the intricacies of people’s “lives” in order to communicate your brand’s message effectively. You can target where a certain type of person may be located, you can target account’s with particular interests, you can target gender and age range to best set the parameters for your brand exposure — The possibilities are endless. Below, is an example that you can start using TODAY to reach your desired targeted demographic with social media advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook allows all Business Accounts the option of “Promoting” utilizing these four tools:

  • Boost a Post — Choosing an individual post on your business Facebook page to distribute to a larger audience outside of your page followers.
  • Promote Your Page — Promoting your entire business page to a larger audience outside of your current followers in order to gain exposure to your brand and new likes to your business page.
  • Get More Website Visitors — Creating a promotion through Facebook that links to your brand’s landing page to increase traffic conversion rates.
  • Get More Leads — Sharing a short, but captivating description of your brand to entice people to sign-up to learn more.

For this example, we chose to promote our Digital Marketing team’s website (Social Theory, Inc.). For your promotion, you can choose Single Image, Video, Carousel or a Slideshow of up to 10 images. You’re going to want to add your website URL to the top of the promotion, a headline and description for your promotion and a “Call to Action” button for what you want the people who see your promotion to do — i.e. “Learn More.”

Now you’re going to want to determine who you would like to target with this ad. Are you looking for more accounts like the ones who already like your page? Are you looking to target accounts that have liked a page similar to yours? Or are you looking for something more specific? If you chose the latter, you’ll want to determine who, what, where, etc. the demographic that you are interested in targeting looks like as a whole and dive down through the possibilities of targeting (age, gender, geographic location, interests, etc.).

The last step is determining how long you want the ad in front of your chosen target audience and how much you are willing to spend on it. The great thing about any social media advertising platform is the ability to see insights in real time as actions are taken on your ad(s). This will allow you the opportunity to determine if you should add to the proposed budget, reduce the amount or duration, or change your targeted audience, because you’re not receiving the leads you were hoping for.

Tune in next week for Part 3 of our Social Media Marketing Tips for Business series and follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @thepivotalcompanies for daily posts!

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