Social Media Marketing Tips for Business — Part 3

The Pivotal Companies
Jul 11 · 3 min read

Social Media Marketing is here to stay and if you want to stay relevant and appear credible to prospective customers, you have to get on board. Here is the final piece to our 3-Part Series — Social Media Marketing Tips for Business!

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The concept of Influencer Marketing is simple — Outsourcing some of your marketing efforts to someone(s) with a large and engaged following through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube. People buy from PEOPLE, more importantly, people they trust. Check out this article written by our team on the 5 Reasons You Should Add Influencer Marketing to Your 2019 Marketing Strategy!

While highly curated feeds with perfectly staged shots were all the rage in the past, more brands and influencers today are stepping out of their comfort zones and sharing honest, unfiltered content to their feeds and stories. It’s even been proven recently that sharing content that isn’t particularly great quality, but produces a sense of authenticity and “realness,” can increase your potential for engagement.

As mentioned before, people buy from people, so they want to see WHO is behind the brand and WHY is the brand a thing in the first place. By establishing trust with your current and future followers through raw content, you are creating a deeper connection with your consumers, which inevitably lead to an increase in sales!

This is a newer trend across Instagram feeds, but not a new concept. Sticking to your branding guidelines when creating and publishing content will increase brand recognition with your current and future followers. This could include the consistency of colors and fonts used, filters on images and what we call “repeat content,” which basically means the same visual is provided with a different spin each time, so there is a familiarity experienced when the new content is viewed. One of the newest trends on IG feeds is the use of Instagram Overlay Stickers on images to create eye-catching content that stops Explore Page Scrollers in their tracks. Check out some examples from our team of Social Media Influencers and brands below!

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