Where You Should be Celebrating St Patrick's Day This Year

Pivotal Property Solution is currently represented in 7 states and we’re growing more and more each week! We are graciously partnered with some of the best companies in the business in Indiana, Illinois, California, Florida, Minnesota, Colorado and Louisiana! This article is for all of our fun-loving Irish readers or those just looking to find out where to have a good time! Here is a list of our top-5 BEST places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in a few of these awesome states!

1. Chicago, IL

Known for bringing in over 350,000 visitors during the second and third weekends in March, St Patrick’s Day in Chi-Town could be seen as a 2-week long event! The city hosts an extravagant parade that fills the streets with locals and visitors alike dressed in an array of green hues and they even dye the Chicago River emerald green! I have personally spent the past 3 St Patrick’s Days in this awesome city!

2. Denver, CO

Denver throws one of the largest St Patty’s Day parades in America with an annual average of over 250,000 spectators! After the parade, venture over to Fado’s Irish Pub for a pint and enjoy some live outdoor Irish music at their annual block party!

3. Indianapolis, IN

The famous Indianapolis Canal turns GREEN during the month of March in Indy! Participate in a St Patty’s themed 5K or crawl through the streets of downtown at this years Irish Stroll Bar Crawl! There is also a St Patty’s Day parade and block party with activities, food and fun for everyone!

4. San Diego, CA

San Diego’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Festival is one of the largest events in the city and has been one of the most popular attractions for over thirty years! Chicago may dye its river green, but San Diego covers 80,000-square-feet of its city blocks with artificial green turf to kick off the festivities! After the parade, head over to Balboa Park to participate in the annual Irish Festival equipped with holiday-inspired foods, activities and music!

5. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is known for being one of the best places to party (Mardi Gras, anyone?!) and its St Patty’s Day celebration is no different! Get ready for an entire week of fun filled with Irish inspired cuisine, daily parades and block parties and awesome music filling the streets!

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