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It starts and ends with the majority of men being colossal F-Ups; insecure and feeble-minded; looking up blindly to complete idiot so-called “leaders” that only want to control thier ability to make money for them (work and war); being so thoroughly rejected and pathetic that they allow themselves to become underpaid, overweight, chemical-dependent slobs; that take out all of the above insecurities and realities on the women in their lives; and if they don’t (logic) have any women in their lives at this point… believe it is their right to just go out and “grab some”.

I’m a guy and am thoroughly ashamed most days to admit it… and quite depressed that I can’t even truthfully compliment a woman about anything anymore in fear of being grouped into “one of them” above and/or for ulterior motives.

Because at this point, even the well-intentioned and honest guys out there… the ones that truly do believe the world would be a better place with more woman in power… can’t say it to a woman without being suspect.

Yup… all I can say with utmost contempt is, “Thanks a lot guys for thoroughly Effing everything up that’s good and beautiful in the world”.

PS. And if given the opportunity, I’d slug that righteous smirk right off that…

A terribly frustrated POS that allowed this all to get this far and not lashing out sooner (like 20 years ago!). Also: pardon me for thinking about me when this is about you ladies… but this sucks!

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