It starts and ends with the majority of men being colossal F-Ups; insecure and feeble-minded…

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John Hopkins

18 mins ago

… thanks to the endless dogma of feminism. I am a guy too. Fuck being ashamed to state it! Grow up. I am the same sex as Trump. So fucking what? If anyone of any sex judges me by my sex then they have no merit in my eyes. Learn to be yourself instead of a victim of dogma and feminist propaganda… or carry on as the standard mangiina. PS: I fuckin love women AS PEOPLE!!!!


Why the private note? If I can be man enough to state my painful position in public, shouldn’t you also be to counter it with your false pride?

Why deny women the opportunity to go “sometimes a bit” overboard “grabbing” back what belongs to them… namely their dignity… that men continue as a collective to steal and hide as far up their colons as possible? Too bad they have to sink to our depths and wallow in so much sh*t to get some respect.

That Pendulum of Pride laced with blinding testosterone is tightening around our throats as men, if you haven’t noticed. The only way to loosen it is look ourselves in the mirror and deal with it by changing our attitudes, or else all adult communication with either/any sex will be lost.

Last… thanks for the *mangina* compliment… but I’m anything but standard, which I take offense to. *** I happen to have an “outie”. And you?

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