I whole heartedly agree with this sentiment but the person working with “totalitarian dictators…

PLEASE don’t misunderstand and/or misconstrue my stupid idiotic thought… as buying into anything from that !@#$%^&*(!) candidate. Yes I mean all of them, so feel free to fill replace the implied cursing with any of your favorites.

Fact is that all of the trade agreements made over the last 20–30 years have been detrimental to all advanced western economies, including those from Japan and Western Europe. Not one of those countries political parties were forthcoming of the negative affects of the trade agreements and only pontificated about the benefits.

While many products appear to be far cheaper and affordable, that’s only on the consumer-facing price tag.

From child/slave labor and catastrophic environmental damage on one side that the world has only started to witness the fallout from; to the major disruption to middle-class communities and hard-won labor initiatives and purchasing power on the other; we have allowed the carpetbaggers i.e. 1% to control all of our destinies.

It may appear that I’m trying to cast China and East Asian economies, their production capacity and massive growth curve as the dirty culprit… I am not. Nor am I pointing my finger south of the border at any wrongdoing either. All involved only took advantage of the deal that they were offered… and boy have they. With no counter-checks, balances and fair tariffs to speak of, it was your fellow Americans, Japanese, British, Germans, etc. etc. that in the end, have taken advantage of us all to insanely obscene personal wealth.

The only reason I let this stupid idea out of my head, is because at this point in time it’s the only thing in my opinion that would work in the short term short of war…either domestic or foreign… or both. Which then begs the question: which is more stupid and destructive?

Too bad this is just an exercise of creative free thought on my part… but thanks for your kind upvote regardless!

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