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  • Murathan Biliktü

    Murathan Biliktü

  • Laura Schmidt

    Laura Schmidt

  • Jannik Schäfer

    Jannik Schäfer

    Full-Stack Developer and Media Designer from germany

  • Angular Tutorial

    Angular Tutorial

    Tweeting the best tutorials for AngularJS and Angular 2! Brought to you by @ericsimons40 and @iamalbertpai

  • GoThinkster


    Hands-on web development tutorials & learning resources. Used by over 3 million devs and counting! A BETTER WAY TO LEARN!

  • ScreamingDev 🗣

    ScreamingDev 🗣

    Ich sehe toten Code!

  • Oseon


    Kommunikationsagentur für die Gestalter der #Digitalisierung | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Impressum: http://www.oseon.com/impressum

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