12 July 2017 — ALL IS ENERGY

Returning to my favourite theme of Energy being all there is according to Einstein and there being only Wholeness and no separation according to Quantum Scientist David Baum, today I feel that I have been lucky enough to meet either by chance or design, people whose energy is on the same vibration as mine. However, yesterday this was not the case and it has left me wondering how to remain calm and not allow myself to become affected by the energy of others. ‘Affected’ in the sense of not allowing myself to become annoyed, resentful, guilty or upset by others. Firstly, perhaps, the answer is to have no expectations of others but to allow them to be themselves as they are when we meet them. And, secondly to refuse to let the rational mind chatter negatively about the situation but to remain calm. Easier said than done, of course, but if we allow the mind to do this our vibrations are knocked off balance and our energy is lowered and we become anything but calm. Thinking of situations which make us happy, or places where we feel ‘good vibrations’ helps us to remain calm and unaffected.

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