13 April 2017 — Discrimination Before Action

Perhaps this could be said to be part of the message of Easter — discriminating before acting. Discriminate means ‘to mark or perceive the difference between’ — something Pontius Pilate either didn’t do or ignored the conclusion. Sometimes, of course, it is right to act on impulse — to ‘go with our gut instincts’ but when we have an obvious choice about how to act in certain circumstances which means making a definite choice, then, a little ‘weighing up’ of the varying outcomes resulting from such actions, can help us to act wisely and not to regret our actions.

For example when money or time are limited so that deciding to do one thing, means that we will be unable to take the other options open to us. But having once acted Peace of Mind only comes if we stand by our actions and resist going over and over in our minds as to whether or not, it was the best action we could have taken.

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