13 January 2017 — ‘OUGHT TO’ / ‘WANT TO’

On the first full moon of the year, many of us will be experiencing a conflict between what we feel we OUGHT TO BE DOING and what we feel we would really LIKE TO DO. The feeling that we ‘ought to’ do ‘this’ or ‘that is the child part of us which feels that we must please our parents. The resistance to doing what we feel we would really like to do also stems from the ‘child’ who subconsciously feels that he or she doesn’t deserve the best.

This full moon in Cancer opposed Capricorn is helping us to connect to our hearts: be aware of the messages our heads are giving us and to act in truth and love. When we feel free to follow our hearts without questioning then we are able to act intuitively without paralysing ourselves through the fear of acting and feelings of being undeserving.

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