14 January 2016

At this moment in time I, who like to think ‘I’m never ill’ am suffering from a very chesty cough which I’m finding very debilitating. Making the Point of Power mine is not very appetising. I just want to bury myself in the bed clothes and in self pity. However, as I believe the mind and body are connected I believe I have given myself this illness for a reason. I can make the Point of Power mine, by pondering on what the next step in my life should be — except that’s not exactly true: I know what it is, I am just afraid to take it. And I know also that the body will heal itself if the mind stops wanting it to be ill as an excuse NOT to take the next step.

Fear is at the base of my not wanting to go forward, of course and feeling so ill allows me to justify my actions in digging my heels in.

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