Today I have been ‘putting the world to rights’ with a very dear friend. Our main subject was the homeless people that abound on the streets of Bristol. And a few days ago an Italian friend who came over to Bristol with no job but found one and prospered here was saying exactly the same thing — in short that they need to get off their arses. Both my friend and I are very generous to the street people but we see depression being the main reason why they can’t get away from begging on the Streets. The ones we speak to see themselves as victims and fail to realise that the POINT OF POWER is in the NOW and that the first step to reclaiming the point of power is changing one’s mind set. What One Believes One Creates in the moment. Self Pity takes away the Point of Power — before a change can take place ‘one has to be that change’ in the sense of being aware that we can all achieve what we want if only we believe in ourselves. The problem is that often thinking of ourselves as powerless in certain situations does become a habit and we need to break the habit and think of ourselves as being able to achieve that which we wish. It is my belief, along with one or two famous people, that many of us, myself included, make ourselves powerless simply because we are afraid of being powerful.

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