16 February 2017

LOVE IS — and the pat answer to that from a line in a film was ‘never having to say you are sorry’. And that’s fine for close relationships if it is accepted and understood behaviour. However, saying ‘sorry’ can often be a lubricant which oils the wheels in relationships and certainly helps when out in public. But how often does ‘sorry’ become a way of playing safe — a sentiment we know isn’t really true but we know will ‘shut the other person up’ and let us off the hook. When was the last time we really regretted our behaviour and felt truly sorry without our minds rationalising and justifying the situation.

What is it which often makes saying ‘sorry’ so very difficult? Is it Pride — not wanting to admit we were in the wrong? Or is it wanting to be super human and failing to acknowlede that as a human being we all make mistakes, and we all get it’ wrong’ on occasions? Before we can truly love others we need to LOVE OURSELVES WARTS AND ALL, which is often very difficult because subconsciously so many of us feel like ‘naughty children’ who can never get it right. But perhaps its time to start being true to ourselves and saying what we are truly feeling in a measured, reasonable way. Isn’t that WHAT LOVE IS, love for ourselves?