16 March 2017 — Acceptable Behaviour/Tradition

I have just been listening on the radio o people discussing the fact that in Cyprus it is normal to hunt and eat song birds. All of us are naturally horrified at this. However, it has led me to question why we British find this so reprehensible when for so many of us it is natural to eat animals. In order to eat any animal one has first to kill it. It can be said that in England it is traditional and natural to eat poultry, and animals such as pigs, cows and sheep whilst in Cyprus it is traditional to eat song birds.

How much of our behaviour do we accept and not question merely because we have been brought up to act as our parents and grandparents did which has become natural, normal and hence traditional to our race. Mind boggling perhaps to realise that although killing in many areas is frowned upon, eating animals is not and killing flies and wasps is just what you do when they are annoying you.

I am a case in point. My parents ate meat and so did I without questioning until my 4 year old grand-daughter one day connected the meat on her plate with the animals she saw at farms and in the countryside — reacted with horror and simply refused to eat meat and now is a vegan. I am as yet only a vegetarian but still find it unbelievable that I ate meat without question. And I no longer kill insects.

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