17 April 2016

One point which became self evident yesterday was that the Point of Power is NOT mine when I allow the flurry and worry which arises from depression to be there. What is depression? The verb ‘to depress’ as opposed to the one ‘to be depressed’ means to limit the space an object takes up — to make it smaller in some way. DEPRESSION is an adjective which arises from the verb ‘to be depressed’. We could say that it is our spirit which is pushed down — limited in some way.

Our sense of ‘who we are’; ‘what we believe we can achieve’; ‘the kind of person we believe our ‘self’ to be’, is limited, pushed down, depressed.

The questions which might provide us with some answers are:’what is it that has caused this feeling of depression?’; Why am I choosing to be depressed?; ‘What is the belief I have taken on board which has caused this lack of faith in myself as a person and in my abilities?

In my case the problem originates from the conflict between knowing what my next step in life should be and choosing not to take it.

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