17 May 2017 — Mind Games

Well, a few things are happening in my life today which are making me feel that I have sacrificed my principles of staying outside of what Carl Gustav Jung called the Collective Unconscious and thereby not allowing myself to be affected by the beliefs and customs and the conditioning of the Society I live in. One of these principles (beliefs) is that we make our bodies ill, a view shared by my favourite doctor. In a weak moment I visited the doctors, saw not my usual GP but a very conventional one who seems to delight in finding much more wrong with his patients than the reason they first caused them to see him. And I feel that for some reason I have chosen to get caught up in that belief.

So, the pertinent question is WHY — WHAT is it I AM AVOIDING. And the obvious answer is going forward into the new. So here I am back again at SQUARE ONE. And usually I tend to stay at SQUARE ONE until I the mind eventually sees it as suffering — more suffering than having the courage to go forward into the new entails.

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