17 October 2015

How can we ensure that this day will be a good one and that we will retain the Point of Power in the moment through love and acceptance? My answer would be ‘by being aware of any conflict within us which we then subconsciously project on to others.’

The next question of course is ‘HOW CAN WE BECOME AWARE OF CONFLICT WITHIN US’? To which the answer would be by being aware of our thoughts and then attempting to FEEL our feelings through placing our attention on the Solar Plexus. And once again by taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and for the situations in which we find ourselves throughout the day. By refusing to PROJECT blame on to others.

When our attention is focussed in the Solar Plexus area, Dominant and Non-dominant handwriting will aid understanding of the conflict. Simply allow each hand in turn to ask the other how it is feeling whilst allowing uncomfortable feelings in the Solar Plexus (tummy area) to be there. At first, of course, we will find writing with the hand we don’t usually write with, clumsy and awkward. However, if we at first get used to the discomfort of writing with this hand through allowing it to draw half circles we will eventually experience thoughts coming into our minds which might allow us to experience a different point of view than that which the conscious mind believes.

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