23 June — ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’’ Day

For me there is no hesitation as to whether I vote to ‘remain’ in the European Union or vote to (BR)Exit. I feel that the need to be separate stems from Britain’s Imperialistic Past and from our need to feel in control and to dictate to the rest of Europe how they should act. To vote to remain part of the EU merely acknowledges our willingness to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and to co-operate. However, I fear some of our politicians wish to ‘remain’ simply because they feel the Point of Power is more likely to be theirs through being able to exert more influence on or, (in my cynical mind) — ‘bully’ the other members. Being a part of a group does afford us the opportunity to discuss, to debate and even, if our minds were open, to change our opinions. Being a part of a wider group brings opportunity for change. Today, Quantum Physicists have scientifically reached the conclusion that the world is an unbroken wholeness (David Bohm) — a fact that is anathema to the rational ego mind which deifies separateness. If only we could experience a stronger sense of this ‘wholeness’ — of being a part of something instead of viewing ourselves as a separate unit and fearing that our individuality will become swallowed up. In our individual relating we surely know the importance of discussion and debating and how unproductive and ‘powerless’ it can be to cut ourselves off from others through fear that they will ‘swallow us up’ and we will lose our individual identity to them. So, for me the Point of Power lies in our remaining a part of Europe.

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