24 November 2017 — PRIDE

Some Spiritual Teachings say that: Pride is one of the worst enemies of the spiritual life. If you are conceited you are a devotee of the wrong thing’.

Whilst I 100% understand what this is pointing out, I can’t help thinking that not all PRIDE is negative.or leads to conceit. I find that it is only too easy for us as human beings to run our ‘selves’ down and think that we are not good enough.How much harder it is sometimes to be proud of what we have achieved. Here, I mean ‘quietly’ proud — the knowing in our hearts that we did the best we could which in turn leads to what might be called ‘quiet’ confidence in our ‘selves’ The ‘quiet confidence’ means that being happy within our ‘self’ we have no need to boast or tell others how ‘wonderful’ we are. . The need to boast, of course, to be proud in a negative way, arises from a feeling of our not being good enough.

The Point of Power is most definitely NOT OURS when we experience the NEED TO COMPARE OURSELVES TO OTHERS IN ORDER TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES.

The Point of Power is most definitely ours when we love and trust ourselves enough to be able to act from our hearts and feel pride in WHO and HOW we are.

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